Made out of latest Air cell technology

Air cell technology creates very tiny holes during the knitting process of fabrics on the machines which helps faster circulation of air in and out of the body thus making it the most comfortable, soft, light and highly absorbent, ahram ,ideal for sever hot climatic condition in hijjaz during the four days hajj rituals.

Characteristics of Wrap and Terry

  1. Warp Knitted Terry Fabrics/Towels are made on Shuttle-less computerized high speed Warp Knitting Machines of German origin (Textima Lirapol ). The quality of fabrics made on these machines is of highest standard, and has a special characteristic of loop-fast or snag resistant terry pile.
  2. Small percentage of Polyester is used in the ground to lock the terry loops, which makes the fabric pull proof and snag resistant without affecting its water absorbency. Since the Polyester is used in the ground only, it does not touch human skin and does not cause skin allergy.
  3. Long staple Cotton ring spun Yarn is used in the manufacture of Towels to achieve smooth pile, and to maintain water absorbency and durability of Towels without loosing its weight. Unlike conventional woven terry towels made on locally manufactured power loom machines, which use open end cotton yarn (spun out of Waste Cotton with short fibre length), the resultant quality of such towels is that due to heavy twisting of yarn, the surface of such towels is harsh & rough and with every wash, they loose weight due to shedding of short fiber yarn used and the weave of the towels become loose and it is torn out after some wash.
  4. Warp Knitted Terry Fabrics are 3 times more durable as they can withstand heavy laundry wash. They do not loose weight after wash, retain their water absorbency strength, and also retain their outer look and finish. It is the inherent characteristic of these towels that due to use of poyester in the ground, they get more softer and absorbent after  every wash while conventional woven terry towels get  more harsh  and rough after every wash.
  5. Above quality towels and bathrobes, are dyed with reactive colors with 60 Degree fastness. All Azo free dyes & chemicals are used to meet the highest quality standards of European & international standards.
  6. Above characteristics of Towels/Bath Robes are equally preferred by domestic users as well as institutional users. The domestic users like it because of its softness and absorbency, even pile height giving it a velveteen look, while institutional users prefer it because these towels/bath robes are highly durable and can withstand heavy laundry wash required in hotels and hospitals which conventional towels cannot meet.
  7. The international trend in towels/bath robes is swiftly shifting towards  the use of Warp Knitted Terry Towels due to above quality and characteristics. Our products find acceptability in all five star hotels of Pakistan (operating under international franchise ) and abroad after they got tested the above quality and characteristics according to international testing standards. Such Hotels are now buying from us whereas they were previously buying conventional Towels for the last 50 years. The prices of our towels/bath robes may appear to be slightly higher than the conventional towels, but its quality and durability outweigh the price factor.