100% Cotton Blanket

Our quality soft cotton blankets are gaining consistent rate of popularity every year. Its light open-weaved fabric allows trapping air to keep you cozy on cooler summer nights; on the other hand it provides good insulation in winter, without adding extra weight. The 100% Cotton Cellular Blanket is the perfect essential in your room.

In hospitals cotton blanket is used in need of keeping a patient warm; it is a vital part of emergency treatment preventing the shock to set in. Add a stylish and luxurious finishing touch to your aristocracy procuring our 100% Cotton Cellular Blanket. Our cotton blankets are well-made, paying careful attention even to their smallest details confirming the best qualities possible.

For using as a bedspread, you may wish to get the next size up for complete coverage, if you already have a king bed, you are to go for the king blanket — it will drape enough with covering the whole bed and more. The intricate pattern of our cotton blankets is so refined that many of our customers use it as a bedspread.

This is an absolute, classic favorite. A multi-seasonal classic, light in summer and adds more warmth in the winter. You can use them as you like and as per your convenience.

We strive to maintain our reputation as a world-class organization. Everybody in our company is fully committed to delivering outstanding levels of customer service. We assure you that through our personalized service, regular updates will be provided on the progress of the order, as and when required.