Right to work and earn a decent living under condition of freedom and dignity is one of the fundamental human rights and based on this philosophy Ayoob Textile is well aware of its social and ethical responsibilities and fully understand that in this competitive edge, the desired objectives can only be achieved through skilled and competent workforce.

Ayoob Textile is addressing higher standard of social compliance with conformance of local applicable laws as:


Ayoob Textile provides a firm assurance to its valued customers that the organization has always stood against the use of Child Labour and hence with this strict policy Ayoob Textile don’t employee any person below 18 years


Ayoob Textile does not engage force labour under any circumstances and also monitor its sub-contractor not to engage force labour for any reason.


Ayoob Textile is committed to provide asound work environment that is free of discrimination and un-lawful harassment. The organization is not interfering with the rights of personnel to meet the needs relating to race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, and sexual orientation.